ICUAV is an online course that will be given by international researchers on different UAV related topics. The course will be after symposium sessions on each day. The attendees will learn about the UAV design and technology from experts in the area.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize UAV Configurations.
  • Comprehend UAV Design Processes.
  • Understand Why System Engineering Approach is Required.
  • Comprehend Civil and Military UAV Applications.
  • Recognize UAV Composite Materials.
  • Understand Additive Manufacture Importance on UAV Sector

Course Format

-25 min virtual lecture and 5 min Q&A on each topic

Course Topics

Possible content of the ICUAV20 Course:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Projects and Center “Virazh” of the National Aviation University
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Regulations
  • A Review of Civil and Military UAV Applications
  • Smart Drone Decision-Making in Emergency: When, Where, and How to Fly?
  • Active Flow Control Techniques for Lift Enhancement of Fixed-Wing UAVs
  • Brief Description of UAV Design Processes
  • Unmanned Aerial System Configurations